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Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the design, manufacture, system integration and/or service support of industrial heat processing equipment for sale on the open market is eligible to become an equipment member in the Association. The term industrial heat processing equipment is determined by the Board of Directors.

First Year New Member Dues for Manufacturing Members = $2,250

Annual Dues are calculated based on annual revenues. Revenues are defined to mean all process heating revenues that a given Member Company derives from the business activities of its collective operations in North America. This includes all goods and services accounted for from your North American corporate profit centers that result from being sited either inside or outside North America.

After the first year of membership, dues are $3,250 plus .0002 times those revenues over $3,000,000 ($200 per $1 million in revenue), not to exceed $9,000 per year.

COMPANY DIVISIONS:  For companies with multiple divisions, the primary company membership dues will be $9,000 and each additional division/subsidiary is an additional $3,000 annually. Please contact IHEA at 859-356-1575 to become a Manufacturing Member with Company Divisions.

Any individual, firm, or corporation that provides a professional service to the industry in the area of engineering, education, publications, research and development, and related fields is eligible to become a professional service member in the Association.  The term professional services is determined by the Board of Directors.


First Year New Member Dues for Professional Services Member = $2,250

After the first year of membership, annual dues are $3,700.


Any corporation that is actively engaged in the end use of industrial thermal process technologies.  The term corporate end user is determined by the Board of Directors.

Corporate End User Member dues are $2,000 annually


An individual actively engaged in providing consulting services to the industrial thermal process technologies industry.  This category is open to consultants who are a one member LLC or sole proprietor.  The term consultant is determined by the Board of Directors.

Consulting Member dues are $1,000 annually

NON-MEMBER - On-Line Community Guest

You must have an On-Line Community account to access certain areas of the IHEA website such as forums and to track your bookstore orders and registrations.  If you do not fall into one of the categories above to become an IHEA member, you may create an On-Line Community account as a NON-MEMBER.  This registration type does not constitute an IHEA membership and is for website community access only.  There are certain areas of the website that will still be accessible only to IHEA Members.





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